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A digital online premium platform to cultivate KG to G12 students:

  • Where Knowledge is required in Holism Manners; 

  • Where learning without Geographical and Demographical Boundaries; 

  • Where Global Perspectives and Mindsets are developed; 

  • Where  achieving balance encouragement on Academic and Music excellency; 

  • Where a team of Scholars and Musicians are here to embraced and nurtured talented New Age Owls' Global Students

Female Teacher Helping Pupil Using Compu

New Age Owls was established to fulfill gap of the homeschoolers and families with unique needs and circumstances seeking an innovative learning environment  New Age Owls is an unique virtual online school with American and UK curriculum integrated with Music Academy Diploma program.  It is a school for gifted students, for intellectual risk takers, for those who are engaged in significant pursuits beyond the classroom, and for those who prefer to learn at his or her own paces due to physical constrains.  We read your need and create as according to every student of ours own abilities and potentials. 

Students who desire more flexibility and choice are able to design a learning plan to suit their needs. Our teacher-supported classes, coaches and counselors provide students with a world-class learning experience that will help students reach their full potential as they prepare for university and beyond.

We offer a U.S High School Diploma with options to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and A-level program.  Our virtual meeting courses are powered by Allergo for Education and course.  


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