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Summer Program 

Summer is the perfect time to strengthen musical skills, and concentrating on your artistic development. Guided by our renowned artist teachers, you will grow as a musician and enjoy an engaging musical journey on a digital platform.

The NAOMA Summer PROGRAM attract students from around the world for immersive music study. Pick your focus area- Harp, Voice, Piano, Composition, Cello and Violin, and Strings- for an individually tailored experience.

Multiple programs are available for students at all ages and levels.  (from 10 to 60)  Options include half-day and full-day day programs which are one or two weeks long. The experience includes a daily private lesson, guided practice, classes, fun workshops, virtual performance opportunities, and much more!

NAOMA offer followings Summer Program:

  • One private lesson per day with attention to your individual needs and learning style

  • Guided practice session with a faculty coach emphasizing the development of effective practice skills

  • Choice of Academic Electives- Music History, Composition and Arranging, Music Theory/Aural Skills, and More

  • Selection of Workshops- World Music and Rhythm Workshop, Audition and Competition Seminar, Wellness for Musicians, The Orchestral Musician, Career Seminar, Practice Techniques, Introduction to Improvisation for Classical Musicians and Conducting.  

  • Digital recital opportunity

  • An exhilarating and challenging musical experience!

*The above is a Full Day Schedule, the Half Day option includes the private lesson, guided practice and workshops


The combination of outstanding orchestral member/faculty and rich musical experiences certainly will make you an indelible exciting and rewarding summer experience! 

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